Can I make my links no follow?

Yes, we do have this option available.

Do you support international characters?

Yes in general most web pages with links for sale will be able to show the anchor text in international characters. However this will vary depending on the server settings of each web page.

Are these permanent links?

The links will remain active as long as the monthly payment is received. Once this is stopped the links will also be removed.

Will buying text links increase my website traffic or sales?

The first benefit of our service is to increase the search engine rankings for the keyword phrases (or anchor texts) you are targeting. By increasing your rankings this in turn should drive more traffic to your website and increase your product sales.

What form of payments do you accept?

You may purchase backlinks through your Panel by paypal.

Will i receive a report?

Yes, we provide you a txt full report where your backlinks are visible and active

Do you accept Adult, Gambling or  Casino Sites?

All sites are welcome!

What do i need to send once i order?

URL, Tittle and Keyword, Email. Start Here

About Discount (coupons)

Are valid for paypal subscription, you can cancel when you want!


Earn $$$ with our Affiliate Referral Program

How much can I earn?

You will be paid 70 % for each advertiser that you refer who buys at least $10 per month in text links. If you sold $100, you won $70.

How will I get paid?

Payments are made through PayPal. Unfortunately we do not support other payout methods at present.